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Why Choose Road Light Driver Training for your own Driving Lessons in Bolton?


Because obtaining a driving licence will change your life, so the most important driving lessons you will ever have are the ones you're considering right now at the start of your driving career! Driving lessons in Bolton are not all the same!





Having fewer high quality driving lessons in Bolton will save you money and help you pass your driving test all the sooner. Never choose a driving instructor in Bolton based only on the price they charge for their driving lessons!


If you Pass Faster. You Pay Less. You Save Money!



A good driving instructor will ensure that you create positive driving habits right from your first driving lesson. Being taught correctly is always important, but its essential at the very early stages, when you are trying to build good driving habits. You need a driving instructor that you will get on well with, and one who understands your way of learning.


Being taught well will help you to advance faster and assist you to become a more naturally confident driver. It makes your driving lessons that much more enjoyable and your driving test much easier to pass first time.






It's my No.1 priority to help you learn to drive safely and pass your driving test quickly.


You will enjoy having your driving lessons in Bolton in a brand new Audi A3


Choose quality driving lessons in Bolton from a driving school that you can fully trust ​with your tuition!



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Quality driving lessons in Bolton for people of all ages.


New Learners - Refresher Driving Lessons - Parking Lessons - Confidence Boosts and Motorway Driving Lessons.


All of your driving lessons with Road Light Driver Training will be tailored to to suit you, and the way you learn.


Why not call and have a chat to me about the courses below.



Are you about to choose driving lessons in Bolton? Unsure about which driving school to choose?


Do you need some reassurance about the driving instructor you are considering?


Then why not just give me a call. I'm happy just to have a chat. You are under no obligation to book a driving lesson.


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Quality driving lessons in Bolton from a local, full time professional driving instructor.





Amy Warner - from Tottington had her driving lessons with Road Light Driver Training


Amy wrote..... Ian is a brilliant instructor. His lessons were always highly productive, but given in a friendly comfortable atmosphere. ....



find Amy's full review on our reviews page.




Tom Horner had his driving lessons in Bolton with Road Light Driver Training 


Tom wrote.... I recently passed my test with Ian at Road Light Driver Training and appreciate so much all of the help he's given me... 



find Tom's full review on our reviews page.


High Quality Driving Lessons in Bolton. Its Your Money - Ensure You Spend It Wisely.


Road Light Driver Training is a professional, independent, D.V.S.A. approved driving school, based in Bolton Lancashire.


Driving lessons are available for both learners and previously qualified drivers. To make fast cost effective progress towards your driving test, or to improve your current driving skills, ensure that you choose a high quality professional driving school for your driving lessons. 


All your driving lessons in Bolton with Road Light Driver Training will be conducted on local roads in and around the Bolton area where you need to drive, and close to the Bolton driving test centre, where your your practical driving test will be conducted.



Ian Graham Bolton driving instructor at Road Light Driver Training Driving lessons Bolton Ian Graham. Owner & Advanced Driver & Instructor at Road Light Driver Training Bolton Lancashire


My name is Ian Graham and I am the driving instructor and owner of this web site as well as the following one Im a patient calm and highly qualified D.V.S.A. approved driving instructor and advanced driver trainer.


I hold the Institute of Advanced Motorist F1RST qualification, & Im a full member of the Driving Instructors Association of GB.


My driving school, Road Light Driver Training is based in Bolton and can assist you to pass both the driving Theory, & Practical Driving Test.


I offer Learner, Pass Plus, Parking, Confidence Building, Motorway, & Advanced driving lessons in Bolton and surrounds.





Learning to drive is a personal and life changing experience. Driving lesssons in Bolton are not all the same!


Your driving lessons need to be structured to assist you as an individual, helping you the way you learn best.


Tailoring your driving lessons to suit the way you learn, means that you will make rapid progress towards achieving the driving test standard, as well as gaining real experience and confidence along the way.


With Road Light Driver Training, you can be sure of receiving quality driving instruction on each & every lesson.


You will be taught properly, will learn quickly and you will receive real value for money. 


Whether you are a new learner driver or are already fully qualified, always choose driving lessons with a quality driving school in Bolton like Road Light Driver Training.


Doing so will ensure that you save money, pass your driving test quickly, & become a confident safety conscious driver, better equipped to handle the challenges of modern driving on busy roads.





As a concerned driving instructor, I also undergo regular training to ensure that my teaching is up to the very best standard available.


I also make sure that I am up to date with, all the latest coaching techniques and that I'm familiar with as many interactive teaching applications as I can. These facilitate learning and help you to quickly reach the standard needed to pass your driving test.


I am also able to provide Advanced Driving Lessons in Bolton and in the Farnworth, Westhoughton & Horwich areas.


Advanced driving lessons suit both the experienced licence holder, but are also great for newly qualified drivers who wish to build on and improve their current driving skills. 



Kofi Tobias - had his driving lessons in Bolton with Road Light Driver Training


He says...."I'm more than happy to recommend Ian and Road Light Driver Training to anyone looking for a driving instructor in Bolton, my brother has signed up already...



find Kofi"s full review on our reviews page.





I want you to enjoy your driving lessons with me. Learning to drive should always be an enjoyable experience even if you are a very nervous learner.


During your driving lessons, I will help you to identify and understand road traffic signs, road markings, and other related topics.


Anything you do not understand will be fully explained at the time, and I will ensure that you have all your questions answered, right at the point that you need the help. Learning theory whilst driving is more interesting and relevant, and helps take the monotony out of just learning from books, cd's, or on line.


Before taking your practical driving test in Bolton you will need to pass the theory, & hazard perception tests.


I will help you prepare for these and show you what is expected, and how best to handle them. I also have a free app which you can download from this website. This app contains the theory question bank and the videos needed for the hazard perception part of the test.


Click the following link to download my free theory app.


All of your driving lessons will take place on local roads around Bolton, many of which might be used during your practical driving test.


The driving test centre in Bolton is located on Weston Street, so during your normal lessons you will get to practice on all the approach and exit routes leading to and from the test centre. This will help you to be more confident on these roads during the initial few minutes of nerves which are often experienced on test day. Click the following link to check if we cover your area..


However at Road Light Driver Training, you will not be taught just to be able to drive on test routes, as a means of passing your  practical driving test.


You will be taught to become a safe and confident driver for wherever and whenever you need to drive. There are many roads in Bolton, which will not be included in the 45 minutes of driving during your own practical driving test.


Driving on as many different road types as possible, will assist you to become a safe well prepared confident driver from the very moment you pass your driving test and set off to drive on your own.


Driving test examiners are looking to see that you will remain a safe competent driver that can be trusted to drive all on your own.


After all, thats exactly what you will be doing once you have passed your driving test.


View our article Building Confidence in your driving ability.


Driving lessons and driving instructors in Bolton are definetly not all the same. Choose carefully!


A good driving instructor will ensure that you learn to drive safely and confidently wherever you need to drive. 


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Many driving schools in Bolton including my own offer discounts to book several driving lessons in advance. 


However I would suggest that you wait until you’ve had at least one lesson with your chosen instructor before you purchase a "block of lessons". If you decide that the driving instructor is not the one for you, the block of lessons you booked may not be refundable.


Why not book just one driving lesson, then you can meet up with your instructor and find out if you are going to get along with them and feel comfortable being taught by them.


You will find out whether your instructor arrives promptly and provides a good lesson, and gives you good value for your money.


You can also ensure that your instructor doesn’t spend your time answering the phone, or stopping at the side of the road unnecessarily, or stopping to do errands when they are supposed to be teaching you to drive.


You need to ensure that your driving instructor really  is teaching you and not just aimlessly directing you around the streets in Bolton, and its surrounds.


A full value driving lesson will ensure that  you learn something each and every time you have a lesson. you also need to be able to build a good relationship with your instructor if you are to make good progress.You need to feel comfortable enough to ask questions and clarify anything that you dont understand.


As previously mentioned, there are many instructors offering driving lessons in Bolton. Ensure that you choose wisely,  you need the right instructor for you and the way you learn.


If you have questions about my driving school or about learning to drive in general, please do not hesitate to give me a call.


In the meantime you might like to follow this link which will give more information about choosing the right instructor for you. If you like what you have read on this website please consider liking us on Facebook or +1 us on Google.


When you choose to have your driving lessons in Bolton with Road Light Driver Training, you're in safe hands.

I'm committed to ensuring that I excel in training new drivers, so that from the very beginning of their driving career they are driving safely and within the law at all times.


All of my driving lessons in Bolton are tailored to suit you as an individual, taking into account the way you learn best, & the way that best suits your personality.


Learning to drive is a shared experience, if the sharing works well you will make fast progress toward your goal of gaining your driving licence.


Driving and staying safe on the road, is becoming more and more difficult to achieve. The number of vehicles using our roads is always increasing, and adding to the danger is the fact that most vehicles are capable of and do indeed drive at speeds well in excess of the set limits.


At Road Light Driver Training you will receive full support and gain experience and quality instruction at every step along the way. I want you to enjoy your driving lessons and your whole learning experience.


Being a local driving instructor and using roads in and around Bolton everyday, means that I can let you experience the kind of hazards that you are likely to meet on the day of your driving test day.


Additionally you can get to understand some of the problems and pressures you will face as a driver once you have passed the driving test, when your real driving skills are tested to the limit.


Getting the righhelp to assist you to develop into a safe driver is vitally important, so that you become a safe driver for life, and not just whilst trying to pass your driving test.


You will be taught how to handle driving in some of the narrowest roads in Bolton, such as are found in many of the local housing estates, like the ones around Gibraltar Street in Deane.


You will drive on the town centre roads, such as Deansgate and Bradshawgate, but you will also experience driving on faster roads like Chorley New Road, Beaumont Rd, the A6 , and dual carriageways like the A666 St Peters Way. 


During your driving lessons you will get a good overall grounding on as many and as varied roads in and around the Bolton area as possible. This valuable experience will assist you to become a better safer driver for all of your driving future. 


Why not check out our Free Index reviews, left by pupils who have already had driving lessons in Bolton with us. 


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